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Tools of the Trade - Mac OSX

FLAC players for MacOSX...

X Lossless Decoder

Cog - an open source audio player for OS X.
Download the latest build

CD Ripper for MacOSX...

X Lossless Decoder

MAX for Mac OS X 10.4+

CUE files and file splitting...

Split album length 'CD Image' FLAC files to individual tracks using a CUE file.

X Lossless Decoder (XLD)

MAX for Mac OS X

Burn Audio CD...

Burn for MAC OSX
Burn - a simple approach to burning discs, but still offers a lot of advanced options.

Audio Format Conversion

xACT for OSX
xACT stands for X Audio Compression Toolkit for  Shorten, Monkey's Audio  Compressor, and FLAC. Used to Convert FLAC to WAV and other audio formats.
Information on xACT

Meta-Tag Editor

A good Meta-Tag editor for MAC OSX

Audio Production and Editing

Audacity - A full featured Audio Editor

CODEC Information

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)
Audio compressed with FLAC has no loss in quality.
Tools for Mac OS X and Linux

Audio Spotlight Importers for MACOS

About Spotlight
Spotlight importers expose metadata in files to Spotlight, allowing easy, powerful desktop searching of your computer's contents.

FLACImporter is a Spotlight importer for FLAC
Allows Spotlight searches on the FLAC file's metadata such as title, artist, album and genre.