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Archiving Audio - Windows

There are many options available when it comes to applications to rip and archive CD audio on Windows based machines. To my mind the best of these is Exact Audio Copy.

Software Needed...

If you are still using Windows XP install the ASPI Drivers for Win XP.
Exact Audio Copy

ASPI Drivers for Win XP

EAC (Exact Audio Copy) software for extracting digital audio from a CD.

Burrrn is used for creating audio CDs from FLAC and other audio files.

MP3tag edits the embedded 'tags' in music files of all the main types.

Rip to FLAC Format With CUE

Download and install Exact Audio Copy.

Setting Up EAC

Rather than try to improve on the wheel :) these guides will show you how to setup and use EAC...

Guide 1:
Guide 2:

Making an Audio CD

Download and install Burrrn.

Open Burrrn and either...

Load the CUE file - if there is one
Select the music files you want to burn to disc using Windows Explorer.

Drag them from the open Windows Explorer pane and drop them, one at a time, in the order you want on the CD, onto an open Burrrn window.

Then press 'Burrrn' to make your audio CD.