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Tannoy 385a Loudspeakers

The Tannoy 385a is a brilliant loudspeaker for a large sized listening room. Due to moving into a cottage with much smaller rooms I am forced into the position of having to part with them.

Cabinet Information

The speaker enclosures are built according to the Tannoy design specifications for them. They are built from 1" (25mm) thick chipboard, heavily braced internally and have a clear polyurethane finish applied straight onto the outside panels.

Viewing the Loudspeakers

Using the images below you can view these magnificent loudspeakers.

By selecting any of the smaller images you can view a larger size of it. The larger image is displayed in a layer on top of the original page (a lightbox) and is automatically resized to suit the device on which it is being viewed.

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Further Information

If you are interested in acquiring these Tannoy 385a loudspeakers for AU$1,850.00 (O.N.O.) please contact me using this contact form for any further information and/or to arrange a viewing.

Loudspeaker and Cabinet

Full Size - approx 2.5mb

Loudspeaker and Surround

Full Size - approx 4mb

Loudspeaker Controls

Connection Panel